Payment solution for small businesses looking to accept cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies.


Analytics, bugs reporting and licensing platform for Electron apps. Supports offline tracking, custom events and much more.


Simple and sleek music player, supporting all the major streaming services and your local files. Customize it through plugins and themes.


CompareKite allows you to compare and consult reviews of kites, and choose the right one for you. Learn more about the sport on the blog.


Turn your Raspberry Pi into a streaming device. Cast YouTube/Vimeo videos with the browser extension / Android App or movies with the rcast.py script.

Velto Sail

Helping with the technological side of things.



Beautiful and high-quality posters selected from Unsplash. Discontinued since Unsplash announced their poster printing options.


Weekend project: a list of some internet income ideas. Discontinued.


Super chill platform game. Collect as many stars as possible. Headphones recommended.


Heard of the Fodmap diet? It's the most effective diet for symptoms of an irritable bowel. Fod allows you to scan products and know their fodmap index.


Some time to loose ? Enigmes will give some puzzles to break your head on. Acquired in 2015.

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