Memories vs Moments

Sometimes I feel like memories feel better than how the actual moments were.

For example, I remember most parties where I was excessively shitfaced - as the best ones.
I was probably in a bad physical state at the time, maybe whishing to sober a bit up or way too fucked up to appreciate the moment.

So this lets the question, what's better?
Having awesome memories or living the moment to feel the best?

I think both! It's a balance.

Nothing replaces memories. It what makes us feel great, or bad, looking at certains events from the past. I agree 100% with spending money to create memories.

But you shouldn't live everything just thinking about how others and you in the future will perceive it.
Be in harmony with your actions and remember to live the moment to the best that you can 🧘‍♀️

It's quite hard, to just pause and appreciate moments. Meditation helps so much after catching the routine. To just recognize you're having a blast and register it.

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