The Doors of Perception

An increasing number of people (mainly millennials) are getting interested in psychedelic drugs .
Consequently, more and more actions and awareness are raised in this space, which is really great. Research looks to be slowly picking up again.

It's exciting to watch what more improvements psychedelics will have on people and the world.

They temporarily change the way we think, cure addictions and show us that we are nothing - and everything.

Who knows if humans were ever supposed to do this?

Although there is arguably some magic to their usages, it's a mistake thinking they'd solve all our problems magically. Even worse is the contradiction between knowing it's probably all in your head, a chimic reaction, while feeling like its very real, sometimes more than base reality. Was it only me hallucinating? Chemicals in my brain?
You can think about it however you want, there is no right answer. Materialistic science doesn't apply there. I don't think it even matters. It's about the experience and what you can bring from it.

We need to be careful with these consciouness expansion experiences.
Emphasising education not only on the consumption but everything that comes before and after. People should be prepared, Set & Setting is important.

Having practised meditation will be hugely beneficial during an experience. Having some clue as to how your brain work. Having already tried mind-altering substances will de-stigmatise what's happening.

Curiosity, although a very valid reason in my opinion, shouldn't be the only drive to trying psychedelics.

Bad trips can make people find themselves lost, broken or unable to make sense of what's happening. Into what it seems a pyschotic state. It's important not to feel alone.
Brain material, talks, literature, thoughts processes and tales of fellow "travelers" are helpful during an experience and the "recovery" period.
But they key is remembering it will pass. Ride the rollercoaster. Like everything in life.

Think of a psychedelic experience as shaking the snow globe. After an experience, it can be quite uncomfortable. Just thinking can make you tired. After a while dust settles down to a more mindful base :)

Don't try to put everything behind, the mind doesn't work that way.
If you choose to not deal with an issue,  you give up your right of control over the issue.

Then is the feeling of not knowing what was real and what was not.

Community is awesome.
Reddit and forums have great people and posts.
Even best, having people to talk with while tripping is an experience all by itself. Nothing replace real-life interactions. It can get crazy!

Myself I found my first real experience to be like a seed. No 'enlightenment' or answer or whatever you can except to receive.
It's more being confronted to your own self, for what it is.

That seed still has his ramifications over my life and decisions.
I have reflections and thoughts that I didn't know I could have before.
It made me more open to new things, like a new perspective. I like to think that I can put situations and things in context better now. It's kinda weird but cool at the same time.


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